Product Concepts

What is it like?

A product concept is a creative expression of an early stage innovation, which we create from the perspective of your consumer. We create a series of visuals (boards) that bring the concept to life to help refine the innovation to maximise impact at launch.

A range of compelling and distinctive visual boards that:

  • Provide the totality of the innovation opportunity to enable consumers to immerse themselves in the opportunity.
  • Are compelling, comprehensive and visually enticing.
  • Are innovative as they go beyond just detailing the concept and bring to life the full innovation opportunity.

How does it work?

We design a series of boards that bring the opportunity to life in a way that allows the consumer to fully embody it. This ensures we can refine and optimise the innovation prior to launch. Boards include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The Opportunity: Why we know there will be demand for the innovation based on trends, data and consumer/customer segmentation visually consolidated and brought to life.
  • The Target: Who is the target consumer? More importantly, how do they perceive themselves? What are their attitudes, values, lifestyle and priorities?
  • The Philosophy: The new brand’s positioning in terms of its beliefs and the values. Why we created this innovation and how we hope to improve people’s lives by bringing it to market.
  • The Product: Compelling depiction and description of the products and services.

See below in the Sample Boards section how a range of boards can help to visualise the concept enabling early stage feedback to optimise your innovation.

What will it achieve?

This process helps you to review the innovation critically to determine how to evolve it to ensure it is successful at launch. Doing this early in the process will save you time, money and valuable resources. Consistent application of this rigorous process will give you an enviable series of successful and commercially smart innovations.


“The benefits of this approach is we get more insightful feedback. This means we know what we need to change to make our innovations more successful. It is a much more productive way of getting feedback than just focus groups. This approach allows us to tease out the details, including how people feel about the innovation and this is important as people buy on emotions.”

Caroline Parrott, Innovation Design Manager
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