Insights Generation

What is it like?

Generating insights is critical to delivering enduring innovation. People often ask, is it about analytical skills or creativity? It is about both. It is about uncovering customer needs by analysing the known with fresh eyes and discovering hidden opportunities by looking through different lenses to bring new opportunities to life.

We will lead you through a series of exercises, using a hypothesis led approach, with tools to enable you to generate insights, options and recommendations. We will help articulate the opportunities that most miss by asking the better questions and avoiding the temptation of jumping to solutions too early. As Albert Einstein said, “If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it.”

How does it work?

We design a bespoke program tailored to your discovery needs, including the following:

  • Trends: The ability to engage in mental time travel — to see and understand the emerging future and its implications for your consumers and customers.
  • Safaris: Immersing ourselves in new environments to uncover hidden motivations.
  • Extreme users: Testing our assumptions to generate innovation grounded in customer needs.
  • Analogous categories: Discovering inspiration in unexpected places.
  • Empathy mapping: A systematic way of viewing the world differently to generate compelling insights.

What will it achieve?

Compelling insights are crucial for building innovation that stands the test of time. Our rigorous program will deliver:

  • Actionable insights, not just information.
  • A systematic process of questioning to unearth and articulate the real business issue and customer need.
  • A range of ideas to generate creative and purposely differentiated innovation.


“Many businesses understand their consumers from an information perspective, but not necessarily from an insights perspective. The purpose of insights is to connect information with inspiration. The best insights reveal tensions or desires and point to solutions or concepts. They lead to ideas that create value in people’s lives by addressing a clear need. Paulina knows how to combine insights with ideas to develop innovation that the business wants to launch and consumers want in their lives.”

Diane Henenberg, Global Insights Manager
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