Facilitation Training

What is it like?

Designing and facilitating workshops that run to plan and deliver business outcomes is an art as well as a science. You need leadership skills, as well as tools and techniques, as you’ll be guiding and influencing groups that are more senior than you. This is why our training has a strong focus on establishing the right mindset and providing you with a targeted suite of supporting tools to make you shine in any workshop.

How does it work?

Great facilitation starts in the mind. This is a key pillar of the training and it will ensure you can influence and drive the outcomes you need.

We design a bespoke training program that addresses the fundamental concepts of facilitation and leadership including:

  • Influencing and leading: Managing people to deliver intended outcomes.
  • Managing the agenda: Designing workshops that enable participants to focus attention on the right areas – preventing the agenda from being highjacked.
  • Delivering outcomes: Using your facilitation skills to influence, direct and channel the energies in the room to provide the best business decisions.

Core competencies include:

  • Commanding presence: How to make an impact and channel your energy effectively.
  • Clear communication: Asking appropriate questions to help groups focus and engage.
  • Gaining compliance: Lead without having the most senior title, ensuring people follow willingly.
  • Taming groups: How to handle resistance comfortably.
  • Creating connections: How to create emotional connections.
  • Engineering magic moments: Lead the group through the change curve so they will come out the other side with new beliefs and ideas.

The training is applied to real-life business challenges giving you practical experience and follow up coaching is provided.

What will it achieve?

Facilitation skills are essential because learning to be a better facilitator makes you a better leader and more equipped to drive the best business outcomes. We will give you a range of tools for each of the phases of the facilitation process enabling you to achieve mastery by removing the guess-work.


“The workshop facilitator training has been really useful for us! Paulina gave us tools and tricks on how to plan and lead small, medium and large workshops and discussions. This has been incredibly useful and efficient for enabling running effective meetings and making sure these end up with clear action plans and ideas for next steps. Paulina has a trainings style which is very hands on and pragmatic, and we practiced, learnt and laughed a lot all through the entire training.”

Sofia Heuer, Director Global Consumer Insights
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