Creativity Training

What is it like?

What is the best way to challenge, support and empower people to help them deliberately orchestrate creative breakthroughs? Give them the skills they need to bring their creativity to the fore and inspire it in others.

Learning the science of Creative Problem Solving will help your people to question the status quo, ask better questions and promote creative collaborations with co-workers and customers.

How does it work?

We will design a bespoke program that will equip your people with the ability to:

  • Stretch their view of what is possible
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Defer judgement
  • Question the status quo.

All applied to real-life business issues. Our training up-skills your people while generating innovation to drive business growth.

We will ignite a Creative Leadership culture equipping you with the:

  • Creative Mindset: The cognitive operating system to create space for creative thinking for yourself and your teams.
  • Change-Making Toolset: The best suite of tools and techniques to generate options, communicate direction and inspire commitment.
  • Affective Skillset: The practice and application of the Creative Mindset and Change-Making Toolset to internalise Creative Leadership behaviours.

Defining Creative Leadership: Creating a culture where everyone – not just management – are empowered to ask, “Is there a better way?” and are personally accountable for implementing solutions that improve the customer experience and workplace.


What will it achieve?

Companies with a Creative Leadership Culture Out-Perform the Competition

Companies with a Creative Leadership culture have six times higher revenue (even in a downturn) and expect twenty per cent of their future growth to come from new business sources, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Do you want your people to be:

  • Creatively confident and empowered to generate new ideas and inspire it in others?
  • Co-creating a culture of innovation where everyone is committed to improving your business?
  • Proactively generating a range of creative solutions to drive innovation for your business?

Then this training is for you. It is an investment that will transform your business by empowering your people to bring their best self to work every day.


“Before the training, I had the view that some people had creative ability and others did not – now I realise everyone is creative and it’s not so much a question about ability, it’s about having the right chemistry, the right climate, the right mix of people (based on preferences) and the right conditions (and using the right tools) that can help unlock a team’s creativity.”

Jo Adamo, Global Marketing Director
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