Rewiring your brain

Rewiring Your Brain for Creativity

A short video of the Creativity+ Rewiring Your Brain for Creativity workshop on the 1 June 2018 at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was part of Vivid Sydney the world’s largest light festival that celebrates the intersection of creativity and technology. The event was sold out.

The Workshop Overview: Creativity+ Rewiring Your Brain for Creativity

Creativity+ Rewiring Your Brain for Creativity is an experiential workshop of discovery and exploration. You will learn techniques that will tickle and tease your imagination. Ignite your inner innovator and leave inspired to share your insights.

Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself creative. Your creative self is your best self and it’s time to get reacquainted. Find out how to value your talents and how to inspire ingenuity in those around you – at work and play.

Grounded in neuroscience, reflective of our culture and based on over 50 years of study, this interactive workshop will give you skills you can apply to improve your life.

Join us for this mind-bending three hour adventure in which you’ll:

  • Demystify the creative process
  • Awaken your creative self
  • Alter forever how you see your world.
Comments: Creativity+ Rewiring Your Brain for Creativity
  • “Great energy because the premise of the class is honesty. The activities, tasks and processes were all useful and valuable for the class.”

  • “Loved the group activities and the workshop environment helps to get me out of my comfort zone and share experiences and collaborate.”

  • “Exercises were wonderful. I got so much out of them.”

  • “A terrific experience – Paulina has great energy.”

  • “I had some true breakthroughs and insights.”

  • “This really helped me solved some problems I was working on.”

  • “Absolutely loved the course.”

  • “Great delivery, simple and interesting.”

  • “Paulina is fantastic. A bit more theory and drawing on her immense experience would be wonderful.”

  • “Brilliant class.”

  • “Great class. Great examples. Really fun group of people. Loved the real workshop format. Great at creating energy for the end of the week bump!”

  • “Paulina was a really motivating, encouraging teacher. I’m going to use these lessons a lot and I am really grateful to have come. Thanks!”

  • “Thanks for an inspiring afternoon!”

  • “Fantastic and thank you!”

  • “The world needs more teaching like this. Thank you”