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The Catalyst for Creative Thinking

Creativity+ is a toolkit that will inspire, challenge and transform you by showing you how you can infuse creative thinking into all aspects of your life.
Creativity+ gives you the keys to unlock your curiosity, questioning skills and creative forces. It is more than a toolkit to help you achieve your aims. It is a philosophy for infusing creative thinking in all aspects of your life, supported by practical tools to bring your ideas to fruition.
Divided into the four phases of innovation (Vision, Discovery, Ideation and Momentum), you are provided with the Mindset (attitudes), Skillset (knowledge), Toolset (techniques) and a supporting Case Study that gives a real-life example of these skills in action.
Navigate easily through the colour-coded phases in this flip board design because the creative process is iterative, sometimes you have to step back to leap forward.

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Customer Reviews

Star Star Star Star Star Kate Mackintosh July 20, 2018

“Beautifully and engagingly presented, Larocca’s “book” (more like a thought provoking card game) draws you in and inspires playfulness and – yes – creativity! The author synthesises a wealth of ideas and approaches into an easy-to-use tool. Its deceptive simplicity mask real thoughtfulness and depth, and the real life examples make it concrete and accessible. I am already using this to prepare for a new venture and look forward to sharing it with my team. Highly recommended.”

Star Star Star Star Star Mary Perebzak July 9, 2018

“This book is a great hands-on tool for anyone and everyone looking to boost their creativity and innovate. It offers step by step guidance, with practical exercises to take you from ‘not knowing how’, to ‘nailed it’. Highly recommended! It is awesome!!! Seriously top notch content and designed beautifully.”

Star Star Star Star Star Kristine Bell August 24, 2018

“Love. Love. Love! Creativity+ is a fun, practical and inspiring toolkit that is sure to open your heart to your inner Creator.”

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