The Challenge

The Global Strategy and Insights team are tasked with designing and delivering a variety of workshops from communication evaluation, strategy development and innovation to name a few. Another challenge is they are often not the most senior person in the room or the budget holder. This team needed to know how to create and facilitate workshops that went beyond stimulating new thinking. They needed to become Creative Leaders who can influence, challenge and lead the process to deliver the best outcomes for the business, regardless of the subject matter or the mix of attendees.

The Desired Outcome

Create a team of Master Facilitators capable of designing and delivering all kinds of workshops by developing their leadership skills, confidence and self-awareness. We would give participants a framework to deliver custom designed workshops that ignite new thinking (rather than just new ideas). This comprehensive approach gives the team the skills required to meet any challenge and provide the best business outcomes.

What we did

Designed a three-day program around the principles of facilitation:

  • Influencing and leading
  • Managing the agenda
  • Delivering outcomes

Develop the Personal Competencies of:

  • Presence
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Self-Assessment

Provided the Professional Competencies of:

  • Facilitation Mindset
  • The Power of Intention
  • How to Gain Compliance
  • How to Tame a Group
  • How to Command a Room
  • How to Create Magic Moments

The Results

  • A team that is confident in their ability to handle a room of senior people and lead them through the process without resistance.
  • The ability to design and run a workshop of any kind or length and deliver the desired outcomes.
  • Gained personal insights into their creative capabilities as individuals and as a team.
  • Ability to relax and have fun again, because we took the guess-work out of the process enabling personal and professional mastery.

“The workshop facilitator training has been really useful for us! Paulina gave us tools and tricks on how to plan and lead small, medium and large workshops and discussions. This has been incredibly useful and efficient for enabling running effective meetings and making sure these end up with clear action plans and ideas for next steps. Paulina has a trainings style which is very hands on and pragmatic, and we practiced, learnt and laughed a lot all through the entire training.”


Sofia Heuer, Director Global Consumer Insights
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