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    Cultivating a Curious Mindset

    This keynote will awaken people’s curiosity and demonstrate how asking better questions is the catalyst to innovation. It helps us to create the bold ideas that lead to pioneering innovation.

    Studies have found that our creativity falls off around the age of eight, because we stop asking questions. I demonstrate how curiosity and questions are key to creativity and innovation.

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    Igniting Curiosity to Fuel Innovation

    We are living in the creative economy. A HBR study found that companies with creative leadership cultures have six times higher revenue and forecast more revenue from innovation.

    In this keynote, I will share my learnings of helping conservative organisations transform to cultures of continual innovation where people are excited and motivated to come to work.

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    Creating an Innovation Engine

    We live in times of unprecedented change. The continual acceleration of innovation and the scale and scope of disruption will permanently alter the way we work.

    In this keynote, I share how to change your organisation’s mindset to collectively shape a culture of co-creation and experimentation.

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    Creating a Culture of Innovation

    We are living in the creative economy where Creative Leadership is the new capital. A 2010 IBM study of 1,500 CEOs found that Creative Leadership was their number one priority.

    I share how I help organisations create cultures where change is the norm, experimentation is valued and people are motivated to come to work.

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