Creating a culture of creativity, questioning and co-creation to ignite innovation

Photo of Paulina Larocca

Appearing at Vivid Sydney 2018

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What I Do? Innovation Leader.

“Paulina is an innovation leader who combines vision and action to promote the culture of innovation in organizations. She understands that companies have lots of creative potential within their own walls; all they need to do is to release that creative potential to help the company grow! Paulina has been promoting the culture of creativity and innovation in different organizations over the past few years now! ”

CEO, Jonathan Littman,

Why I Do It? Culture of Innovation.

“Paulina has clear mastery of her craft. She knows how to promote the culture of innovation and with incredible insight and deadpan humor, she guides and inspires. Learning had never been this much fun, and should always be this much fun.”
Theresa Smout, THNK Creative Leadership School, Amsterdam